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Welcome to the Bright Owls Nursery

Bright Owls day nursery is a place for the children were they have an opportunity to play, learn, develop and grow at their own pace. Children are active learners and learn from their experiences. Bright Owls day nursery provides a cheerful, child centered classrooms, children are encouraged to learn by exploring, trying and doing.

The nursery provides a caring, inclusive and nurturing environment. Each child is valued and their interests and enthusiasms are sought out and nurtured. Generally, babies have access to quality play resources. Staff generally engage and sustain children's learning during focus activities. Effective partnerships with parents ensure information relating to individual children's progress and needs is shared successfully. The manager has a clear vision for the continuous development of the nursery and is working effectively with staff and parents to improve standards for children.

Active Learning in Progress

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07427 339100

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BrightOwls Nursery

BrightOwls Nursery is inaugarated

Dec 02, 2013

Latest Ofsted Reports

Jan 01, 2018

BrightOwls Nursery is 10 years old!

Dec 02, 2023

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